New York Attorney General

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The attorney general, commonly referred to as the People’s Lawyer, serves as head of New York’s Department of Law. Their office employs attorneys and support staff across New York state.

AGs utilize various tools to serve their community, such as investigating and enforcing laws, working with legislatures, and protecting vulnerable populations. Learn more about what work they are doing – and how you can become involved!


Since 1789’s Judiciary Act, every state and territory has had an attorney general. New York is no exception with 13 regional offices carrying out its essential defensive, regulatory, and affirmative justice functions in communities throughout New York – be they consumer protection investigations; work-place investigations; investor protection proceedings; outreach presentations or educational lectures; representing officers or departments before state or federal courts as well as operating a fraud hotline. The Office of the Attorney General also operates a national fraud hotline.


The Attorney General serves as head of New York’s Department of Law and acts independently from Governor. They represent the state in lawsuits filed by private citizens or other government agencies against it and represent its case before courts when appropriate.

The Office of the Attorney General is also committed to safeguarding LGBTQ+ people, increasing access to quality healthcare, and providing equal opportunity for residents in pursuit of their dreams without discrimination or fear of violence or sexual assault. They strive to address sexual violence by fighting it at source while upholding justice for crime victims.

Each regional office is involved in local community affairs, providing outreach and educational presentations as well as responding to New Yorkers’ concerns. Furthermore, each regional office investigates matters concerning consumer fraud, elder abuse, tenant rights violations, immigration services fraud, not-for-profit corporations and any crimes that impact public interest in its region.

For assistance, please submit this form and any necessary information will be forwarded directly to the appropriate Department of Justice component for consideration. You may also refer to our Component Contact Information page in order to locate an individual contact person within that component for any other needs you might have. Please keep in mind that state law prevents Attorney General staff and attorneys from engaging in private practice of law or representing individual citizens in court as they bring or defend lawsuits on their behalf.

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Each regional office is staffed with attorneys-in-charge and assistant attorneys general who represent New York state agencies, officers, and departments in court of claims proceedings; civil rights issues; consumer fraud allegations; charity donations; housing issues; immigration services issues; workers’ compensation litigation issues and any other matters concerning local communities. Regional offices also take an active part in outreaching education and responding to community concerns.

The attorney general in each state and territory serves as the top legal officer, providing legal opinions to state agencies and officials when asked for. Individuals wishing to submit legal questions for consideration by their attorney general can do so using this form; alternatively they can contact any component within the Department of Justice via their Find Component Contact Information pages.