What Lawyer Is Saul Goodman?

Saul Goodman is renowned for his aggressive legal strategies. His flashy suits and offbeat television commercials draw clients into his law firm. Due to his unorthodox practice of law, his unusual methods earned him the moniker “The Empirical Lawyer.”

Saul is an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate the law effectively, understanding that ends justify means.

He is a skilled advocate

Saul Goodman is an adept advocate who understands how to bend and break the law in his favor. Utilizing his vast legal expertise and his unparalleled showmanship skills, he employs legal loopholes to win cases for criminal clients as well as those seeking financial success. Specializing in representing criminals while also working with honest clients. By combining his skill set with showmanship he creates an unusual image that attracts customers.

He operates from a strip-mall office and advertises his services with tacky television commercials. He often accepts risky or unsavoury cases that put his life in jeopardy or expose him to potential fraud charges, going so far as hiring lookalikes and falsifying evidence in service of his clients.

His questionable ethics and lack of morality make him a contentious attorney, but his creativity and resourcefulness cannot be equalled. He proves that lawyers must do whatever is necessary to protect their clients while adhering to a code of professional ethics that promotes honesty, integrity, and confidentiality.

He is a businessman

Saul Goodman may appear flamboyant and his television ads cheesy, but he is an exceptionally capable lawyer. His understanding of law and ability to find legal loopholes to protect his client’s interests are unparalleled, while other lawyers could learn much from him: being invested in their problems and truly caring about their wellbeing are hallmarks of excellence in any profession.

Saul’s distinct methods make him a formidable legal force, even helping criminal clients with illegal activities for an affordable fee. While not ideal, this shows his dedication to meeting individual client needs above those of all others.

Saul may take an unconventional approach to practicing law, but his skills and intelligence remain unparalleled. He studied at University of American Samoa which provides hands-on learning that aligns perfectly with his practice style. At first however, Saul encountered difficulty finding work at established law firms.

He is a criminal lawyer

Saul Goodman may have been involved with criminal activities like extortion, money laundering and murder; nevertheless he remains an adept attorney. He knows where legal loopholes lie that enable him to defend his clients effectively. Additionally, he boasts extensive connections in the criminal world – serving as an intermediary for drug dealers, evidence disposers, impersonators and others in need.

Bob Odenkirk plays Saul Goodman to perfection on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, making the character endearing and charismatic. James McGill (later Saul Goodman) had been involved with scam artists and small-time criminals before passing his bar exam and becoming Saul Goodman.

Saul may often be underappreciated due to his outlandish appearance and low-budget TV commercials; however, he’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to legal acumen and skill. His reputation rests upon his aggressive and manipulative legal tactics – however there are certain standards he won’t cross – like not betraying Walt or Jesse.

He is a sleazy lawyer

Though some may feel uneasy with lawyers who take on criminal cases, Saul Goodman stands out as an experienced and innovative criminal attorney who makes his living by pushing legal boundaries. Though not considered one of the more ethical attorneys out there, he does possess an impeccable work ethic and is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients; often prioritizing their interests over those of other clients in order to ensure success for all his clients.

Saul Goodman (portrayed by Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul spin-offs ) is an adept attorney who knows how to find loopholes in the law that benefit his clients, making shrewd business moves and having connections any meth dealer would envy – which accounts for his incredible success as one of television history’s most recognizable attorneys.