Where is Attorney John Pierce?

Attorney John Pierce, representing 17 defendants charged in Capitol riot cases, abruptly stopped communicating with federal prosecutors and failed to make court appearances. Instead, his caseload was left with Ryan Marshall – an unlicensed partner accused of defrauding widows in Pennsylvania in another matter.

Federal prosecutors recently warned a judge that Marshall cannot ethically or legally represent Pierce’s clients, and also faces criminal charges of theft and altering public records.

Attorney John Pierce

Attorney John Pierce is an esteemed litigation attorney, with extensive experience handling high-profile, complex business disputes on behalf of corporate entities, financial institutions and individuals alike. His clientele has included corporate entities, financial institutions and individuals alike. John has successfully obtained verdicts, pre-trial judgments and settlements in matters involving private equity investments, structured finance deals, real estate finance deals, insurance coverage disputes, intellectual property claims, government contracts and much more.

Pierce, an anti-vaxxer who disappeared while representing 17 Capitol riot defendants, was hospitalized in California for 12 days according to his associates and will resume work soon without personally appearing before judges in court proceedings. Although cleared for return to work he will not appear directly before them.

Although some of Pierce’s followers have hired new lawyers, others remain without legal representation; therefore a judge appointed a public defender as an interim solution.

One of Pierce’s clients, Deborah Lynn Lee, expressed frustration Thursday in court during a hearing and informed the judge she would rather work with a public defender instead of him. Lee became the third of Pierce’s clients to opt out less than a week after his sudden disappearance from court on August 23; at that time he had still been communicating with federal prosecutors regarding Capitol riot cases.

John Pierce Attorney

Pierce has represented clients in high-stakes business disputes involving hedge funds, private equity firms, structured finance transactions, real estate finance transactions and government contracts. He has secured verdicts, pre-trial judgments and settlements on their behalf and provided counsel services to private and public companies on cases concerning securities law compliance, corporate governance and public policy matters.

Pierce Bainbridge in Los Angeles and is one of its partners, has represented 17 defendants charged in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, such as members of Oath Keepers and Proud Boys extremist groups and the son of a right-wing media founder. Pierce has also been an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump and raised money on their behalf for their legal defense in this riot case.

However, at an initial court hearing in August Pierce did not appear and federal prosecutors say they have lost contact with him. To investigate if Pierce was still capable of representing his clients the judge appointed a lawyer to investigate him further.

John Pierce Lawyer

John Pierce is an esteemed civil litigator. He has represented major corporations and financial institutions in high-stakes business disputes that could change the course of their futures, winning hundreds of millions for them through verdicts, pre-trial judgments and settlements that favor his clients – while successfully defending against billions in claims brought by plaintiffs.

He has successfully litigated cases concerning hedge funds, private equity funds, structured finance deals for real estate financing projects and insurance coverage as well as intellectual property law. Furthermore, he has helped clients resolve disputes through arbitration and mediation services.

Pierce has been representing multiple defendants charged in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. One such individual – who has been accused of shooting two individuals and injuring one other in Kenosha, Wisconsin – reportedly faces charges related to this protest.

Cases against individuals suspected of conspiring with Oath Keepers or Proud Boys extremist groups; including their son, right-wing media founders and church leaders who brought groups to riots. Each case involves thousands of hours of video footage and terabytes of data for discovery purposes.

Pierce has appeared at virtual court hearings for his clients, yet is unavailable for comment. According to his law firm, they claim he is currently unwell and that an associate will handle their cases while he is absent.